Herveline Cremmer (b.1999, France) is a French-English artist based in Berlin, Germany. Cremmer holds a BFA from Loughborough University. Printmaking - with a contemporary intersection between traditional and digital techniques - is the artist's primary medium.

From violent and brutal faces, to sinister settings, her obscure works are situated at the intersection of the grotesque, uncanny and surreal. Her prints centre on complex layers of oppressive emotions, whilst her drawings explore a frantic sense of impending doom that lies beneath a deceptive semblance of stillness. Present from an early age is a struggle with self-acceptance and being at peace within herself and in the world. Difficult to articulate verbally, greyscale graphite-charcoal drawings and photopolymer prints provide an outlet for these persistent states of experience. Her practice does not resolve these feelings, but seeks to soothe them and come to terms with the way one is. As such, vulnerability and it's accompanying fragility is palpable within the enigmatic works.

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